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Scio Church/Wagner Roundabout


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

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The purpose of this document is to inform residents, businesses, area motorists, emergency services, public agencies and other project stakeholders of the scope of the upcoming intersection construction project, and to address general concerns.

How will the new intersection differ from the existing one?  The existing four‐way stop controlled intersection at Scio Church Road @ Wagner Road will be reconstructed to single‐lane, compact urban roundabout. The main difference between a traditional single lane roundabout and a compact urban roundabout is the diameter of the circle. This new roundabout will be similar to what was built at the intersection of Ann Arbor‐Saline Road and Textile Road in 2016.

Why was a roundabout chosen?

The Washtenaw County Road Commission chose a compact urban roundabout to reduce peak period congestion that occurs at the intersection. A compact roundabout was chosen over a larger, traditional roundabout or a traffic signal for the following reasons: 

  • A compact urban roundabout has a smaller footprint. This is important because it requires less right‐ofway, which means there are fewer impacts to property owners and resources are saved which can be used on other county infrastructure needs. 
  • Roundabouts are statistically safer than traffic signals. A trade‐off occurs between high speed, t‐bone collisions that occur when a driver ‘beats’ a red light for low speed, and sideswipe collisions.
  • With a traffic signal, delay is always present 24 hours a day when a driver encounters a red light. At a roundabout, less delay occurs, especially at off‐peak hours, due to the yield condition. This aspect is also a benefit to the environment since fewer vehicle emissions are placed into the air.

What are the limits of construction?  The limits of construction for the roundabout will be approximately 400 feet from all directions of the center of the intersection. 

Who is the Contractor for the project?  D & R Earthmoving, LLC from Howell, MI.

What is the project cost? The project will cost approximately $670,000 and is fully funded by a federal congestion, mitigation and air quality grant (CMAQ).  

When will construction start / be completed?  Construction is scheduled to begin on or after Monday, June 19, 2017. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of July 2017, weather permitting. To stay informed throughout the project, you can sign up for email updates by visiting‐project/scio‐church‐rdwagner‐rd‐roundabout 

How will traffic be maintained during construction for those people who do not live inside of the project limits?  The intersection of Scio Church Rd at Wagner Road will be closed to traffic during construction. Those who live inside the project limits will have access to and from their properties.  .  

The signed detour route will utilize a variety of primary roads including Ann Arbor‐Saline Road, Oak Valley Road, Scio Church Road, Scio Ridge Road, Liberty Road, Wagner Road, Jackson Road, and Zeeb Road (see last page to view the detour map). Liberty Road between Wagner and Zeeb Road, as well as Waters Road between Wagner 


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Road and Oak Valley Road will not be posted as the official detour route because they do not permit commercial trucking.

Motorists will be required to follow the posted detour route or select an alternative route to reach their destination while the road is closed. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office will likely monitor the intersection and issue citations as warranted to those drivers who violate the road closure. As a reminder, traffic fines are double for road construction violations as per state law. Additional points can also be attached to your driving record for violations in a work zone.

How will access to properties inside of the project limits be maintained?  The Contractor is responsible for providing access to properties inside the work zone. People who live inside of the project limits will be permitted to drive around the barricades as directed by the Contractor or authorized Road Commission employee. All other local area residents will be required to follow posted detours.

What will happen with mailboxes and mail delivery?  Mail service will continue throughout the duration of the project. However, mailboxes inside the work zone will be temporarily relocated to facilitate construction and ensure mail delivery. These mailboxes will be moved back to their original location once construction is completed.

How will trash pickup be affected?  Arrangements will be made to ensure that the Contractor accommodates garbage/recycling/yard waste services throughout construction.

What about lawn restoration?  Disturbed lawn areas will be restored with topsoil, seed, fertilizer and straw mulch by the D & R Earthmoving at the conclusion of the project.

Who is responsible for protecting/relocating existing landscape features?  The property owner is responsible for any landscaping, sprinklers, fences or other personal property located within the public road right‐of‐way (typically 33 feet from the centerline of the road).  The Road Commission requests that property owners remove any of these items prior to the commencement of construction.  The Road Commission and D & R Earthmoving are not responsible for damage to personal property items that remain within the public road right‐of‐way.


Safety: Please be mindful of construction equipment, trucks and personnel on the site.  Please be attentive to all signs.  During the placement of the hot asphalt, please keep clear of the area; burns are possible from contact with hot asphalt, especially with pets. While these construction activities are often interesting to observe, the site will only be open to authorized construction personnel.



Mark McCulloch, P.E. – WCRC Senior Project Manager 

Phone:  (734) 327‐6679



Check out the link below for project update:‐project/scio‐church‐rd‐wagner‐rdroundabout