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City of Saline Drinking Water Update

City of Saline Drinking Water Update

The City of Saline has been made aware of a number of concerns from residents regarding the municipal drinking water quality.  The testing (daily & weekly) of the City drinking water supply continues to reflect safe, high quality results and no evidence of bacteria or any other potential contaminants that may cause the water to be unsafe to drink. 

However, the occasional occurrence of brown or rusty water is most likely caused by the drinking water distribution system continuing to recover from the significant water main break that drained both water towers back in May, and the on-going increased demand from lawn watering due to the extreme lack of rainfall.  The additional demand on the drinking water system will continue to cause any rust build up on the interior of the distribution pipes to be in an almost constant state of agitation.  This causes the intermittent brown or rusty water to occur. 

Residents experiencing brown or rusty water are encouraged to turn on a faucet and let the water flow until the discoloration has cleared up.  Additionally, the Department of Public Works (DPW) will sometimes conduct fire hydrant flushing to help clear-up the discolored water.  However, the current increased demand on the system makes it difficult for the water wells to keep the water towers full when hydrant flushing is in progress.  The DPW is currently working on scheduling evening fire hydrant flushing when the demand on the drinking water wells is not as high as it is during the day-time hours.  Note:  City staff will post a notice on its social media resources and City website with information regarding the fire hydrant flushing schedule in the near future.

The City of Saline has been blessed with a very strong and safe drinking water supply; City staff will continue to work hard to protect and maintain this precious resource.  Please contact Steve Wyzgoski, Waste Water Treatment Plant/Water Treatment Plant Supt. at 734-944-2003 / or Jeff Fordice, DPW Director at 734-429-5624 / with questions/concerns regarding the City of Saline’s municipal drinking water system.