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Business Start-Up Resources

Starting your business is a busy time in any entrepreneur's life. Critical steps can be easily overlooked until you are well into the process.

Saline Community Recruitment and Retention Team

The Community Recruitment team is a collaborative effort of Saline Area Schools, Saline Chamber, Saline Main Street and the City of Saline supporting new and existing businesses to grow a sustainable and diverse climate to make Saline a better place to live work and play.

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Scott Graden, Saline Area Schools, Superintendent, 734-401-4001

Todd Campbell, City of Saline, Manager tcampbell@cityofsaline.org734-429-4907 (2211)

Brian Marl, City of Saline, Mayor 734-429-4907 (2213)

To help budding entrepreneurs in getting their businesses set up efficiently, legally, and soundly, here are some primary steps every business needs to include. These resources assume you already have an idea for a business and are ready to make it real. Given everything else is in place, here are the basic areas you need to cover before opening your business. This Website provides you with several resources to help complete each step, the links on the left provide you with several resources to help you complete each step.