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City of Saline
Community Vision Tour 2020


The Mayor, City Council, City Manager and Senior Staff of the City of Saline met to review and update the goals and objectives currently part of the City of Saline Community Vision Tour 2020.   The Mayor, City Council, City Manager and Senior Staff embarked on a three step process in 2014-2015, designed to identify the future direction of the City.  In step one the Leadership Group identified their shared Five Year Vision for the Community.  In step two the Mayor and Members of the City Council with the assistance of the City Manager and Senior Staff facilitated breakout groups of citizens and stakeholders focusing on their shared Vision(s) for the community. 

The following reflects the culmination of the third step above in which the Leadership of the City outlined the major goals, key objectives’ and one year tasks for moving the community forward and the recent review and update conducted in 2016 by the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and Senior Staff.  The City Council, going forward, will discuss their agreed upon goals in full or in part at a frequency of once per month at one of the two regular monthly business meetings.  Once six months has passed, the City Council will review the current goals and objectives in the strategic plan to determine if they believe any changes need to be made. 

Goal One                Maintain and Grow Healthy Center

Objective One              Promote Saline’s Heritage

One Year Tasks

  • Continue with the Salt Springs Park Development 
    • Continue to Apply for grants for Improvements
    • Capital Improvement
  • Historical Marker placed Downtown
  • Historical District Commission –
    • Attract new commissioners for HDC with technical background and resident of the district.


Objective Two              Expand the perceived Downtown area

One Year Tasks

  • Perception of Downtown area
    • Continue to partner with Saline Area Schools, Historical Society and Saline Main Street to explore ways to expand/improve connectivity between Downtown, Henne Field and the Depot Museum. (Todd)
    • Create a master plan for the Historical Depot Museum and adjoining property. (Jeff)
    • Encourage West Side Business Association (Have functions to bring residents to the west side.) (Todd, Mickie Jo, Kathy)


Objective Three          Improve access to our Downtown/Center of Community

One Year Tasks

  • Improve access to City –
    • Investigate additional funding opportunities for non-motorized projects (Carla, Jeff)    
    • Design plans for sidewalk from Austin to bridge (non-motorized).


Objective Four     Increase density and diversity of downtown businesses & residences

  One Year Tasks

  • Consider temporary flexibility of sign ordinance for businesses impacted by the Michigan Avenue Project.


Goal Two                Community Life & Health Development

Objective One           Connectivity – trails, bicycle, sidewalks

  • Within the City of Saline
  • Outside (neighboring)
  • Mill Pond and Curtiss Parks

               One Year Tasks

  • Review and update non-motorized pathways plan to promote connectivity to neighboring communities and between existing city parks (Carla, Jeff) Ongoing
  • Adopt Non-Discrimination Ordinance

     Objective Two      Promote Healthy Community

  • Substance Abuse (Education) (Substance Abuse Task Force)
  • Health & Wellness Needs (Education) – Building Healthy Communities Grant
  • Adopt Non-Discrimination Ordinance

     Objective Three    Art/Culture Community Events Venue

  • Space with indoor and outdoor possibilities

One Year Task

  • Identify a permanent location for Farmer’s Market.

Goal Three           Infrastructure

Objective One           Maintain Existing infrastructure

  • Reevaluate or review street maintenance priority.


Objective Two           Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater (S.A.W.) grant –
                        asset management program for stormwater & wastewater

One Year Task

  • Review status of S.A.W. grant application annually (Gary, Jeff, Bob & Tetra Tech) Tetra Tech is working on the grant as a requirement by NPDES. We are waiting in line for the program to start.  City staff hopeful that Saline will be awarded a S.A.W. grant in FY17 (October 2016).

Objective Three       Sidewalk maintenance

One Year Task

  • Improved and proactive public awareness and communications – using social media to get information out.
  • Identify plan for completing sidewalk repairs

Objective Four          Develop Salt Springs Park

One Year Task

  • Phase One of conceptual design (Carla, Jeff, Gary)

Objective Five           Non-motorized project plan

One Year Task

  • Complete the review and update of the non-motorized plan.
  • Educate public on existing non-motorized pathways – Building Health
                                                                                    Communities Grant Program

Planning utilities – Urban Development Area (UDA)

One Year Task

  • Continue to explore the feasibility and appropriateness of PA 425 Agreement with Saline Township (Todd, Gary, Kathy, and Mickie Jo)

Objective Six               Public Transportation/multi-modal

One Year Task

  • Continue to investigate the possibility of developing expanded public transportation and multi-modal options to residents. (Todd, Jeff, Carla)
    • Continue to review services provided by Peoples Express (Jeff)

v  Inside corporate limits of city – 12 months

v  Outside corporate limits of city – 12 months


Objective Seven     Maintain city historic sites – Certified Local Government (CLG) grant
(Reapply for CLG Grant for the Salvage Barn Rehabilitation)

One Year Task

  • Complete Condition Assessment Report for Rentschler Farm Museum (Jeff)
    (Certified Local Government grant project) Ongoing
  • Reapply for Certified Local Government grant for the Salvage Barn (Jeff) Rehabilitation Project Mr. Fordice to re-submit grant Waiting on completion of Condition Asset Report

Goal Four               Finances/Economic Development

Objective One           Continue to maintain city fiscal health

Objective Two              Encourage Business development –

  • Conduct Small Business Summit
  • Conduct Large Employer Summit
  • Conduct West-Side Business Summit. 
  • Continue to partner with Saline Main Street and Saline Area Chamber of Commerce.

Objective Three          Expand housing stock

  • 600 N. Maple
  • Variety of housing
    • Affordable in the downtown area

Objective Four             Provide top notch services and infrastructure

One Year Tasks

  • Successful Union Negotiations
  • Improved mix of businesses and the use of existing vacant buildings.
  • Redevelopment of 147 Michigan Avenue property
  • Evaluate current services versus current staff (adjust accordingly) (Todd, all Department Heads) Review on a quarterly basis for staffing needs in the coming years.