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City of Saline
Community Vision Tour 2020


The Mayor, City Council, City Manager and Senior Staff of the City of Saline met to review and update the goals and objectives currently part of the City of Saline Community Vision Tour 2020.   The Mayor, City Council, City Manager and Senior Staff embarked on a three step process in 2014-2015, designed to identify the future direction of the City.  In step one the Leadership Group identified their shared Five Year Vision for the Community.  In step two the Mayor and Members of the City Council with the assistance of the City Manager and Senior Staff facilitated breakout groups of citizens and stakeholders focusing on their shared Vision(s) for the community. 

The following reflects the culmination of the third step above in which the Leadership of the City outlined the major goals, key objectives’ and one year tasks for moving the community forward and the recent review and update conducted in 2017 by the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and Senior Staff.  The City Council, going forward, will discuss their agreed upon goals in full or in part at a frequency of once per month at one of the two regular monthly business meetings.  Once six months has passed, the City Council will review the current goals and objectives in the strategic plan to determine if they believe any changes need to be made. 

City of Saline
Community Vision Tour 2020


Goal One          Maintain and Grow Healthy Center

Objective One       Promote Saline’s Heritage

One Year Tasks (July 1-June 30)

  • Work to expand residential historic district to include East Henry Street
    • Work with Historic District Commission

Objective Two       Expand the perceived Downtown area

One Year Tasks (July 1-June 30)

  • Perception of Downtown Area
    • Continue with and expand partnerships with Saline Area Schools, Historical Society and Saline Main Street to explore ways to expand/improve downtown area
    • Community Tourism Acton Plan (CTAP) Projects

Objective Three     Improve access to our Downtown/Center of Community

One Year Task (July 1-June 30)

  • Explore Public Private Partnerships (P3) for downtown parking Review areas for additional parking. Briefly discussed at August Work Session with Saline Main Street. 
  • Encourage shuttles for downtown events (work with hotels, other partners)
    - work with Saline Main Street and Saline Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Work on increasing downtown foot traffic
    - work with Saline Main Street and Saline Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Installation “Welcome to the Downtown” signage/wayfinding downtown
    - Work with Saline Main Street & Saline Area Chamber of Commerce

Note: Three Year Tasks

  • Work with Saline Area Historical Society, Parks Commission & Historic District Commission
  • Downtown Parking Solution
  • Consider options for establishing a Town Square
    - 147 W. Michigan Ave.
    - Henne Field
    - Other Options

Goal Two          Community Life & Health Development

Objective One      Connectivity – trails, bicycle, sidewalks

➢   Within the City of Saline

➢   Outside (neighboring)

➢   Mill Pond and Curtiss Parks

               One Year Tasks (July 1-June 30)

  • Connectivity between parks
  • Continue discussions with Washtenaw County to express interest in connecting city pathways to county Border to Border Trail
  • Connecting Henne Field to downtown, develop grand entrance – gateway (work with Friends of Henne Field)  
  • Destination Saline – dinner, entertainment, art, walkability
    - partner with Arts & Culture Committee, Saline Main Street, Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, expand Art Around Saline beyond downtown
  • Encourage and support city events to achieve zero waste
    - work with the Environmental Commission

Note:  Two Year Tasks

  • Events to promote resources – trails (examples: fun runs, bike rides, egg hunt, etc.)
  • Bike Share Program

Note:   Three Year Tasks

  • Pathway via the Depot Trail to Millpond Park
  • Continue working towards completing the projects in the City’s Non-Motorized
    Pathway Master Plan
  • Electrical infrastructure and improvements
  • City representative on county parks
  • Performance stage at City owned park
  • Partnership w/ Garden Club, Scouts, Landscapers
  • Complete Pathway through Millpond Park: parking lot to Michigan Ave

Goal Three             Infrastructure

Objective One      Maintain Existing infrastructure       

One Year Task (July 1-June 30)

  • Undertake/Implement WWTP Odor Abatement Project
  • Develop Plan to fund street projects 

Objective Two       Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater (S.A.W.) grant –
                              asset management program for stormwater & wastewater

One Year Task - Year 2 of 3 (July 1-June 30)

  • Continue implementation of the S.A.W. grant

Objective Three     Sidewalk maintenance

One Year Task (July 1-June 30)

  • Continue sidewalk rehabilitation program
  • Continue working on completing sidewalk gaps (east and west ends of Michigan Avenue)

Objective Four     Develop Salt Springs Park

One Year Task (July 1-June 30)

  • Continue to implement development plan

Objective Five      Non-motorized project plan

One Year Task (July 1-June 30)

  • Educate public on existing non-motorized pathways
  • Implement Non-motorized pathway master plan (ongoing)

Objective Six        Public Transportation/multi-modal

One Year Task (July 1-June 30)

  • Continue to review & improve People’s Express services 

Objective Seven    Historic Preservation – Certified Local Government (CLG) grant

One Year Task (July 1-June 30)

  • Reapply for CLG Grant for the Salvage Barn Rehabilitation


Objective Eight     Traffic Management

      One Year Task (July 1-June 30)

  • Complete study of traffic management and downtown event parking
  • Annual Review of street maintenance priorities
  • Complete Henry Street/Ann Arbor Street Intersection Study


Objective Nine     Planning utilities – WWTP Expansion Plan

      One Year Task July1-June 30)

  • Continue SAW Grant implementation
  • Long-term plan for WWTP – siting study

Goal Four               Economic Development

          One Year Task (July 1-June 30)

Objective One       Encourage Business development –

  • Support Community Retention/Recruitment Team – CRRT)
  • Facilitate development of 147 W. Michigan Ave property
    - work with Saline Main Street, Saline Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Continue to work with economic development partners – Saline Main Street/Saline Area Chamber of Commerce/Ann Arbor SPARK/Michigan Economic Development Corporation – website regarding teaming w/SACC/ SPARK, etc. 
  • Encourage west-side business development
    - work with Saline Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Recruit new businesses
    - work with Saline Main Street, Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, Ann Arbor
    SPARK, Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC)


Objective Two       Expand housing stock & diversity of housing stock

  • Huntington Woods Phase II underway
  • Finalize development of automatic annexation property
  • Continue to monitor adjacent properties for annexation.


Objective Three     Provide top notch services and infrastructure

Note:  Two Year Tasks 

  • Expand Saline Main Street District
  • Expand housing stock
  • Provide top notch services


Goal Five               Operational Effectiveness

               One Year Tasks (July 1-June 30)

  • Organizational review of city structure/staffing levels for services offered
  • Pursue intern or other co-op resources
  • Increase Social media presence/activity
    • Coordinated plan
    • Management
    • Team w/SACC and SMS
  • Balanced support for developers and other organizations
  • Maintain status of projects/inform Council when planned projects are delayed or postponed due to working on development projects
  • Look for joint services, additional opportunities w/other communities, public
    entities and public/private partnerships
  • Update purchasing/procurement criteria to include environmental considerations
  • Continue to maintain city fiscal health

Note:  Two Year Tasks

  • Explore opportunities to develop a community sustainability plan.
  • Redesign/Update Website and on-line services