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Water Meters for Exterior Use

You can have a water meter installed on residential or commercial property to measure water used for exterior purposes (such as sprinkler systems) that will not drain to the sanitary sewer system. The downloads list at right includes complete applications for both residential and commercial installation.

Summary of Procedures for Installation of Sprinkler Meters

Review application packet, submit application, and obtain a plumbing permit prior to installation of your sprinkler meter (the application packet includes the sprinkler meter fee, typical installation of meter, backflow preventer test report, and a copy of a list of certified testers for backflow preventers).

After the installation of the sprinkler meter you must call the Department of Public Works at (734) 429-5624 to schedule an appointment to have a remote meter reader installed on the outside of the home/building.  They will need to enter the home and have access to the water meter in order to install the reader.

If the meter is installed for a sprinkler/irrigation system, a certified backflow preventer tester must perform a backflow preventer test and provide a copy of the test report to the Building Department prior to final inspection.

After the meter is installed and the backflow preventer test report has been  submitted to the Building Department, an inspection must be scheduled with the plumbing inspector.  Call (734) 429-8296 to schedule an inspection.