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Saline Farmers Markets

Revised March 2018
Summer Market Policies

On a seniority basis, seasonal vendors will be given priority on their choice of location at the market until April 14th and then selection is on a first come, first serve basis with payment of Seasonal fee. Triple stalls are only permitted by
approval of Market Manager. There are no refunds for missed Saturdays.

A daily stall may be reserved in advance by paying the rental fee. Daily stalls will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Space for daily vendors is limited; therefore, we cannot guarantee space will be available, unless paid in advance. If
stall is paid for in advance but the vendor does not come, the stall rental fee is still the responsibility of the vendor for the committed weeks.

An application must be filled out each year. All applications must be signed in order to be processed. Applications should be accompanied with signed copies of up-to-date permits/licenses including Michigan Department of Agriculture
and Rural Development and/or Food and Dairy Division or any other applicable licenses before vendor can set up at the Market. Also include a copy of your Liability Insurance Declaration Page. We are requesting that you add to your Liability Insurance the City of Saline, 100 N. Harris Street 48176 as an additional insured and provide us with a Certificate showing this addition. Liability Insurance is not required but it is encouraged.
Permits/Licenses - Vendors are required to comply with all Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Rules and Regulations. Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development website. Then go under FARM, BUSINESS & LAB SERVICES and then click BUSINESS RESOURCES Cottage Law for Baked Goods (Products made at home): Vendors selling items falling under the Cottage Food Law must adhere to Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development policies including proper kitchen cleanliness standards, correct and accurate labeling of products, etc. Guidelines are available at You will not be able to sell your products if they are not properly labeled. Perennials/Trees: Vendors selling perennials, shrubs, and trees are required to have a Nursery License and a Sales Tax License. For Nursery License information call Pest Division at 517 373-1087. Call Department of Treasury for questions regarding Sales Tax License. Present copy of license to Market manager with application.
Annual Flowers: Vendors who sell annual flowers are not required to have a Nursery License but are required to have a Sales Tax License.
Produce: No license is required for vendors who sell food grown by them, i.e., vegetables, fruit, honey, and maple syrup.
Meat: All meat must be processed at a USDA facility. Vendors must supply Market Manager with appropriate licenses.

VENDOR PRODUCTS GROWER / PRODUCER ONLY MARKET - This is a grower's only market; all vendors must grow their own product and produce their own baked goods. The Market Manager / City of Saline have the right to inspect any Vendor at their place of business or farm to ensure that they are growing their own product and producing their own baked goods. Exceptions (with the approval of the Market Manager): 1. If there is a shortage of an item, i.e., blueberries, etc., a vendor may bring that item from a local grower; the item must be clearly marked "grown by (grower's name)". These items must be grown in Michigan. 2. Decorative flower pot arrangements may include seasonal flowers purchased from a local grower. Flower arrangements must demonstrate that considerable time and effort was invested to produce the finished item. All food products must be labeled, packaged, stored, and displayed per Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Washtenaw County Public Health guidelines.

ARTISANS / CRAFTS - Crafts must be handmade and demonstrate that considerable time and effort was invested to produce the finished item. The finished item must have a professional quality appearance. The Market Manager will review the craft via photos or in-person before craft is accepted into this Market. The number of stalls is limited for crafts.

PRODUCT BALANCE -ALL new products not listed on your vendor application must be pre-approved by the Market Management prior to the market day either by email or phone call. Please understand that vendors with certain items are chosen very carefully with a balance in mind to what the market can support and what the customers want. It is the market manager’s job to maintain that balance for the success of the market as a whole. Vendors or products that are overrepresented at the market will be put on a waiting list. As the market grows, those items or vendors can be added under the direction of the market management.

QUALITY - Vendors are expected to have a quality product for sale at all times. AT THE MARKET All vendors must be completely set up when market opens. SET UP TIME STARTS: 6:45 a.m. IN ORDER TO CLAIM YOUR SPACE, BE AT MARKET BY: 7:45 a.m. A vendor coming after the times listed above may be turned away and will still be responsible for the fee for that day if the space is reserved. Space may be rented out to another vendor after that time. Absolutely NO vehicles will be allowed in the market after the market starts. Vendors will be expected to carry their equipment and products into the market. Please understand that this is a safety hazard for the customers. A vendor who has arrived after set up time three market days during market season may be asked to leave the market permanently. It is very disruptive to have a vendor setting up after the market opens. If there is an emergency and the vendor calls the Market Manager in advance, the space might be saved depending on how busy the market is. Christine Easley, Market Manager, cell phone number is (734) 564-4693 (call or text); email is Daily stalls will be assigned by the market management (unless paid in advance as stated above). Daily vendors must wait for their assignment by the Market Manager unless previous pre-paid arrangements have been made and the stall has been assigned. All final decisions regarding assignment of stall(s) are done by the Market Management.

UNLOADING - Please unload as quickly as you can and move your vehicle unless you are parking your vehicle in your stall. (Parking at your stall must be approved by the Market Management).

STALL SIZE - Stalls are 9 ft. x 18 ft (Standard parking space). Vendor must keep their tables and product within the boundaries of their assigned stall with the exception of legs of a tent (on the side - not front) which are usually 10 ft. wide instead of the stall's width which is 9 1/2 ft. wide (for the summer market.

PARKING - NO vendor vehicles (other than those approved by Market Management to park in their stall) are to be parked in parking lot in and around Farmers Market. We need as many close and convenient parking places for our customers as possible. • Please park your vehicle on W. Henry St. or in parking lot off of E. Henry St. east of S. Ann Arbor (where market moves during Summerfest, behind Salt Springs Brewery). DOGS IN VENDOR BOOTHS – Because vendor booths are considered Food Establishments, vendor dogs are not allowed in vendor booths. NO SMOKING - Smoking by the vendors (and customers) is not permitted in and around the Market. Smoking must happen at least 15 feet away and downwind from the market. CLOSING TIMES - All vendors must begin to pack up at closing time of market, but NOT before. Vendors will be allowed ½ hour to load, clean up and leave the market. Vendors should have enough products to last the whole market and not expect to pack up when they have sold out. This makes the market look bad and is very disruptive. CLEAN-UP - Dumping of produce in the trashcans is not permitted. Please take home everything that you do not sell including boxes, bags, etc. Each vendor is expected to clean their stall at the end of each market day and keep it neat during the period that the market is open. Please bring a broom! MARKET CURRENCIES • EBT/SNAP tokens - Saline Farmers Markets are able to process Bridge Cards and distribute tokens for EBT/SNAP benefits. EBT/SNAP tokens are good for all food at the market except, hot, ready to eat food. EBT/SNAP Tokens come in $1 increments. Cash change is NEVER to be given for EBT/ SNAP tokens. • Double Up Food Bucks – We distribute Double Up Food Bucks tokens along with those EBT tokens YEAR ROUND. Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) are ONLY good for fruits and vegetables grown in Michigan. DUFB tokens are silver and in $2 increments. Cash change is NEVER to be given for DUFB tokens. • WIC Project FRESH and Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH – We accept these vouchers which the customers can use for fruits and vegetables along with a few other things. Ask Market Management if your products are included. Customers must sign these vouchers before they give them to you. Unsigned voucher turned in will NOT be reimbursed. • Credit / Debit Cards – We accept Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express) and Debit Cards for tokens to spend with vendors at the market. These tokens will be in $5 increments and are good for everything at the market. These Credit / Debit Card tokens are the only token or market currency that vendors CAN give change for. No additional fees will be passed on to any vendor that accepts the Credit / Debit Card tokens. Therefore, for the purpose of good customer service we will expect ALL vendors to take them even if they have their own credit card processing device. • Reimbursements – All reimbursements will be made at the end of the market in cash. • Participation - ALL vendors are expected to accept all forms of market currency (tokens, etc.) that are appropriate to the types of products they sell. Market Management reserves the right to choose vendors based on this expectation.

MARKET SALES and METRICS Saline Farmers Markets are honored to have been chosen to participate in a pilot program with the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) and Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) on collecting Market Metrics. We will be given access to tools for entering and reporting on a variety of metrics for our markets. The long-term purpose of the project is to help advocate for farmers markets, farmers and vendors at state and federal levels. It is very exciting to be on the leading edge of farmers market technology and professionalism. As a result of this program, all vendors are required to turn in coupons, tokens, and sales tally sheet at the end of each market day to the Market Management. Vendors at Saline Farmers Markets will be REQUIRED to report all sales including cash sales for every week. Vendors unwilling to share ALL sales data may not be welcome at the market. Those vendors who choose to count cash sales after they leave the market can turn those sales figures in the next week. Please be assured that Market Management and their partners will keep all sales numbers completely confidential. Sales numbers will only be shared as compiled amounts for the whole day with FMC and MIFMA and not as individual vendors. Your cooperation with this issue is appreciated. VENDOR PARTICIPATION – Saline Farmers Market values the culture of vendor engagement and participation in a positive and helpful way. Therefore, vendors are expected to partake in the Vendor Survey at the end of the season. You are also encouraged to join the Friends of the Market group which meets about once a month to provide guidance and help to make our markets the best. SIGNAGE • PRICING - For both customer service and potential discrimination reasons, all items should have prices. It can either be on individual signs or on one main board. • VENDOR NAME and MARKET CURRENCY SIGNS – Market Management will provide signs for vendors with their names and which market currencies they accept as a service for the customers. The vendors are expected to let the market management attach these signs to their tent. VENDOR CONDUCT Occupants of stalls during the Saline Farmers Markets must at all times conform to the Market Policies. The Market Management has full authority to enforce all rules with fairness and impartiality. Any occupant failing to comply with the rules may be denied the opportunity to sell at this Market as determined by the Market Manager. Fees already paid will not be refunded. Reasons may include misrepresentation of products, nonpayment of fees, poor quality of produce, inappropriate conduct or illegal use of food assistance as determined by the Market Manager. The Market Policies supplement the City Code provisions, and apply to Daily as well as Seasonal vendors. All vendors must comply with the Market Policies, The Saline City Code, as well as county, state, and federal laws and regulations.
While participating in the market, vendors shall NOT discriminate against any person on the basis of economic status, race, sex, color, national origin, religion, disability status, height, weight, marital status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

VENDOR COMPLAINTS – All vendor complaints against the market or another vendor must be submitted in written form with evidence, suggestions and signed. All complaints will be addressed within two weeks after they are submitted and will be kept confidential and professional. VIOLATIONS - Violations of these policies or generally good business conduct will result in:

  1. A verbal warning from the Market Management
  2. A written warning from the Market Management (if violation continues or occurs again)
  3. Written notice of removal from the market signed by Market Management (if violation continues or occurs again)

If you have questions about these policies or need further clarification please ask any Market Management, Christine Easley at or 734.564.4693