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Building, Engineering, Planning, Zoning & Code Enforcement

City Superintendent / Engineer: Gary Roubal, ext. 2222

The City Superintendent, serving as liaison to the Planning Commission, is responsible for coordinating reviews and reports for land use development projects.  He drafts proposals for contracting professional engineering design services and other services for the city. The City Superintendent, as liaison to the Zoning Board of Appeals, reviews and reports on variances and appeals.  Long Range Planning and Infrastructure Management are also handled by the City Superintendent, by maintaining the Capital Improvement Construction Plan and monitoring the capital projects in the budget.

Building Inspector: ext. 2223

The Building Inspector researches and answers questions regarding building code. The Building Inspector also conducts zoning reviews for building projects, reviews building plans, and performs building inspections. Additionally, the Building Inspector currently handles the scheduling of inspections, building forms, information handouts and statistics, reviewing and issuing sign permits, as well as building permit receipt, payment and issuance.

Code Enforcement: ext. 2223

Code enforcement duties include investigating zoning code and city ordinance complaints. Code enforcement also includes conducting field enforcement of zoning and ordinance violations and coordinating the licenses and inspections of Child Care facilities.