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Background Checks

The police department is unable to run background checks for the public however we offer these helpful resources.

Below are a few options you should consider to conduct a thorough background check:

O.T.I.S. system (Offender Tracking Identification System)

Click on the “offender search” and search the “all” category.  This is part of the Michigan  Department of Corrections website.  You can do a name search on individuals that have  been in the Michigan prison system.  It also shows a list of their crime(s).

Nationwide search for sex offenders

Michigan Sex Offender Registry (M.S.O.R.)

You can search on individuals by name.

I.C.H.A.T. (Internet Criminal History Access Tool)

 This system gives Michigan criminal history convictions. Anyone can perform a search  through ICHAT.  At a minimum, the full name of the person and his/her date of birth  is  required.  A fee of $10 is charged for each search.  You can also call (517) 322-5546  to  set up an ICHAT account.  

Washtenaw County - The District Court has information that is available to the public on most civil and criminal cases that have taken place within Washtenaw County.  The public computer is located in the 14A District Court lobby located near the Washtenaw County Sherift Court h at the corner of Hogback and Washtenaw.  This search usually results in the most information.  We recommend that you search the County or computer where the person has resided in the past.