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Police Department FAQ’s

Where is the police station located?

The police department is located at 100 N. Harris within the City's Municipal Building. Our police desk is staffed 24 hours per day 7 days per week to assist you. Our administrative offices are available M-F 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Can I pay traffic fines at the police department?

Parking tickets can be paid anytime at the department. Moving violations, (speeding, and other driving infractions), must be paid at the 14A-4 district court located 1000 N. Maple Rd. Saline 48176, (734) 429-2504.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report or accident report?

You may file a Freedom of Information request with the police department for a copy of a report. The department has up to 6 days to respond with a copy and there usually is a charge for the report. Personal information will be redacted out of the copy of the report you receive.

Accident reports can be obtained by going online to and following the directions to locate your report. There is a $16.00 fee.

How to I get my car back when it has been impounded?

You must come to the police department to obtain a release for your vehicle. However please be aware the vehicle can only be released to the titled owner and there will be a $50 fee to obtain the release paperwork.

I have an abandoned vehicle on my property, can I call the police department to have it towed?

No, the police will not tow cars from private property. Property owners can however contact America One towing service and have them remove the vehicle.

Will the Police Department assist with keys locked inside a vehicle?

Yes, our officers will attempt to unlock your vehicle for you. Any damage to the vehicle will not be covered by the police department. Some vehicles can not be opened in this manner and our officers will be happy to contact a wrecker service for you.

Can I call the police department to find out if the schools are open or closed?

Unless there is a specific emergency situation, the police department will NOT know if the schools are open or closed. Television and radio are the best methods of finding this information.

How do I obtain a permit to purchase a handgun?

You must come to the Police Department and apply in person. A Michigan Driver's license or Michigan ID is required as is being a resident of the City of Saline.

Will I be charged for a false alarm to my residence or business

There is no charge for false alarms at your residence but there is a charge for business.

Where do I get a Bicycle License

You apply at the police department. You will need the make, color and serial number of the bicycle. There is no charge for this service.

Where can I view the Michigan Sex Offender List?

You can come to the Police Desk and view the list of registered sex offenders in the City of Saline, or you can go online to

Does Saline have a leash law for dogs?

Yes, Saline requires a dog to be on a leash unless on the owner’s property and then it must be under the control of the owner. All waste from the dog must be picked up by the owner and disposed of properly. Saline has a dog park located at Mill Pond Park where dogs can run in a fenced area without a leash. The dog park is closed much of the winter months due to muddy conditions. There is also a free dog park located at the corner of Saline Ann Arbor Road and Pleasant Lake Road.

Who do I call if there is a wild animal on my property?

If the animal appears to be sick or injured and could put citizens in jeopardy, call the police department at 734 429-7911, and our dispatcher will either dispatch an officer or direct you further on possible remedies. The police department also has a live trap that residents can obtain to trap nuisance animals.

Can I obtain a copy of my driving record from the police department?

The police department is prohibited by law from supplying anyone with a copy of their driving record. You may obtain a copy of your driving record online at and select driver license & state ID. You can also call (517) 322-1624 and make the request. Copies can also be obtained at any Secretary of State Plus Office or Super Center and purchase a copy over the counter. The cost is $8.00.

Where do I apply for a personal protection order, (PPO)?

You must go to the clerk of the Washtenaw County Circuit Court to apply for a personal protection order. The Court Clerk is located in downtown Ann Arbor at the Washtenaw County Court building. You can contact the court clerk at (734) 222-3001.