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City Budget Information

Under the direction of the City Manager, the Finance Department is the lead on all budget development matters. The process of developing the City’s budget is a multi-year process and gathers inputs from the public, Council Committees, City Council, and City Staff. This process begins with the finalization of the previous fiscal year’s audit and presentation of the Audit report by the City’s Finance Director/City Treasurer and Independent Auditors.

The budget process begins with the presentation of the prior year’s audit report and finalization of the ending balances. The current year's budget is revised to reflect the revised audited balances for all funds.

At approximately the same time the new budget year's process is "calendared" and the process is reviewed and accepted by the Council's City Organization Committee.

In approximately February of each year, the City Manager schedules a special Council meeting as a "community forum" to gather input from the Council and public regarding wants for the coming year. The input from the Council, Committees, and the Public, is then integrated and refined the initial estimates prepared during the first phase of the new year's budget. At the same time the City Council receives a Mid-Year Financial Report and preliminary estimates for the coming fiscal year from the Finance Director/City Treasurer.

The 2011-2012 budget can be downloaded here.