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Pollution Control Facility

Shift Operator


General statement of duties: supervision of utility persons; maintenance and repair of all equipment at the pollution control facility and water production facility; laboratory analyses.

Distinguishing features of the class: an employee in this class will have a work schedule based on a seven day operation, including weekends, which will rotate monthly; responsible for the operation of the pollution control facility and water production facility during his shift; will work under the direction of the pollution control facility superintendent or his designee.

Examples of work: (illustrative only) routine daily assignments; shall be able to conduct, without supervision: preventative maintenance on equipment; repair of equipment; collecting wastewater and water samples, and performing laboratory analyses required by the city of saline's npdes permit and michigan department of public health; recording laboratory data on computer; maintaining grounds; ordering essential materials and chemicals; addition of chemicals to the water system and recording of daily operational data for the water monthly reports.

Essential knowledge, skills, and abilities: considerable

Knowledge of the operations and processes of the pollution control facility; considerable knowledge of safety rules; considerable knowledge of departmental rules and regulations; ability to supervise employees; ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions; good physical condition.

Required education and experience: completion of high school or its equivalent; five years of acceptable experience in a wastewater treatment facility or one year of acceptable experience as a utility person iv with the city of saline's pollution control facility; experience in treatment areas of primary treatment, secondary treatment, sludge handling and disposal, laboratory analysis, and maintenance; completion of michigan department of natural resources training courses involving laboratory analyses and operational processes.


Class "c" maintain a michigan.

Special requirements: certified, at the minimum, as a wastewater treatment plant operator; possession of and valid vehicle operator's license issued by the state of Michigan.