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Youth Tennis Lessons

Age: 4-5, 6-8, 9-11

Students will learn forehand, backhand, footwork, and serve. More advanced students will work on rallies with forehand and backhand. The instructor reserves the right to switch a student’s class based on skill level. Participants should bring their own tennis racquets, wear athletic shoes and bring a water bottle. All classes are held at the Tefft Park Tennis Courts located directly behind the Saline Rec Center (classes are brought indoors to the Rec Center gymnasium in the winter)

Information on tennis programs for adults, click on Adult Programs.

Spring classes taught by Certified Professional Tennis Instructor Mikel Gurrea Rubio

Session Day Ages/Time Ages/Time EB Fee Fee
5/7-5/28 Tu 4-5 yrs: 5-5:45pm 6-8 yrs: 6-7pm $32 (ends 4/23) $40
5/9-5/30 Th 9-11 yrs: 5-6pm 12-17 yrs: 6-7pm $32 (ends 4/23) $40
Summer  Morning classes taught by Kirk Boettcher, head tennis coach of Concordia University
Session Day Ages 4-5 Ages 6-8 Ages 9-11 EB Fee Fee
6/17-6/27 M-Th 9-9:45 am 10-11 am 11am-12pm $80 (ends 6/4) $96
7/8-7/18 M-Th 9-9:45 am 10-11 am 11am-12pm $80 (ends 6/25) $96
7/22-8/1 M-Th 9-9:45 am 10-11 am 11am-12pm $80 (ends 7/9) $96
8/5-8/15 M-Th 9-9:45 am 10-11 am 11am-12pm $80 (ends 7/23) $96
Summer  Evening classes taught by Kirk Boettcher, head tennis coach of Concordia University
Session Day Ages/Times Ages/Times EB Fee Fee
6/3-6/26 M/W 4-5 yrs: 6-6:45pm 6-8 yrs: 7-8pm $80 (ends 5/21) $96
6/4-6/27 Tu/Th 9-11 yrs: 6-7pm 12-17 yrs: 7-8pm $80 (ends 5/21) $96
7/8-7/31 M/W 4-5 yrs: 6-6:45pm 6-8 yrs: 7-8pm $80 (ends 6/25) $96
7/9-8/1 Tu/Th 9-11 yrs: 6-7pm 12-17 yrs: 7-8pm $80 (ends 6/25) $96

Youth Golf

Ages: 5-17 

  • Youth Golf Instructor: PGA Golf Professional Tim Strickland
  • Location: Stonebridge Golf Course: 1825 Clubhouse Dr, Ann Arbor
  • Register: or 734-429-3502

SNAG Golf: Ages 5-8 years

SNAG® Golf is the best first touch program to effectively teach the game of golf to people of all ages and ability levels. It’s easy to learn and FUN to play!

Day Dates Time EB Fee  Fee
W 5/8-5/30 6-7pm $65 (ends 5/1) $75
W 6/12-7/3 6-7pm $65 (ends 6/5) $75
W 7/17-8/7 6-7pm $65 (ends 7/10) $75

Junior Golf Camp Ages 7-17 years

Learn the importance of the rules and the enjoyment of the game of golf. Camps have private instruction, videos for rules and regulations and fun filled events that all levels of participants will enjoy. We strive to bring the great game of golf to your child and help grow an interest in this lifelong sport. Fee includes: T-shirt, 9-hole round certificate, lunch on Thursday and daily healthy snacks.

Day Dates Time EB Fee  Fee
M-Th 6/24-6/27 8:30am-12:30pm $285 (ends 6/17) $299
M-Th 7/8-7/11 8:30am-4pm $440 (ends 7/1) $450
M-Th 8/26-8/29 8:30am-12:30pm $285 (ends 8/19) $299

Rec on the Go

Art Classes with Payton Cook

Mini Monets: Ages 3-5

Join us as we create incredible masterpieces all while learning about the color wheel, shapes and famous artists. In this class, your little one will discover a whole new world through art. We will use a variety of materials and use fun, exciting approaches to art making so that your child will bring home colorful creations they’ll be proud of!

Ages Dates Day Time EB Fee  Fee
3-5 4/16-5/21 Tu 9:30-10:10am $39/48 (ends 4/2) $45/54
3-5 7/16-8/6 Tu 9:30-10:10am $26/32 (ends 7/2) $30/36

Creative Station: Ages 6-11

Give your young artist the experience of a creative space to make, play, and create. Students will learn a variety of artistic techniques and skills, all while being encouraged to express their own style and use their imagination. We will create art projects that are fun, open-ended, but also challenging, giving your child the opportunity to find creative solutions in their works of art.

Ages Dates Day Time EB Fee  Fee
6-11 7/16-8/6 Tu 10:20-11am $26/32 (ends 7/2) $30/36

Homeschool Gym Class

Ages: 5-12 

This class is designed for children ages 5-12. Each week we will cover a different fitness activity including soccer, floor hockey, kickball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, gym games and more! The emphasis will be on teamwork, cooperation, fitness and fun.  Homeschool Gym Class is held during the school year.

Ages Dates Day Time EB Fee  Fee
5-12 4/2-5/7 Tu 1-2 pm $39/48 (ends 3/29) $45/54

Afterschool Dodgeball & Gaga Ball

Grades: 2-3, 4-5, 6-8

Gather your friends and sign up to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge the ball on Wednesday afternoons. We use Gator Skin balls that are easy to catch and don’t sting. Teams will be mixed up each week. Equipment will be provided.  Dodgeball is held in the Fall, Winter and early Spring.

Grades Day Time EB Fee  Fee
2-3 W 4:20-5:20 pm TBA TBA
4-5 W 4:20-5:20 pm TBA TBA
6-8 W 3:15-4:15 pm TBA TBA


Jishukan Ryu Jujitsu is a traditional Japanese martial art which stresses self-discipline and individual development.  Students will increase their strength, flexibility, coordination, and mental awareness of self-defense through rigorous training of the mind and body.  This is an excellent program for all ages regardless of size, strength, or weight.  Sessions are 4 weeks long and classes run on a continuous basis.  Sign up and join anytime. 

Children's Jujitsu

Age: 4-13 years. Children's Jujitsu is an excellent program, that stresses individual improvement of self-discipline and mental concentration.  This non-contact class will help students improve their strength, flexibility and coordination while learning kicks, punches, falls, forms and much more.  This class runs continuously in the Multipurpose Room.  Instructors: Sempai Skinner & Sempai Stewart.  

Age Day Date Time Fee
4-7 F 4 weeks 5-5:50 pm $35/45
8-13 Tu* 4 weeks

 7:00-8:30 pm

8-13 F 4 weeks


8-13 Tu*/F 4 weeks see above $50/55

*Tuesday class combines adults and children at the same time.

**All Friday classes combine June 14-August 30 and will run from 6-7:15pm. 

***No classes July 8 & July 12

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National Flag Football: Experience the Difference


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