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JOB TITLE:  Superintendent of Water Production and Pollution Control (WP & PC)



Under the general direction of the City Manager, operates and manages the City’s water production and pollution control facilities in a manner that complies with state and federal requirements and is safe to the public and the environment. Supervises, directly or through subordinates, all departmental activities to ensure efficient operations and the completion of projects. Prepares and administers annual department budget. Develops and implements programs, policies, and procedures. Oversees water production facility, inspecting and maintaining water production areas.


An employee in this position is required to perform the following essential functions with our without reasonable accommodation.  These examples are not an exhaustive list of the duties which the employee may be expected to perform.

1.   Supervises and participates in the operation and maintenance of the City’s Pollution Control Facility, including the treatment of wastewater, laboratory analysis of wastewater, and the operation of pump and lift substations.  Ensures proper plant maintenance, recommends and oversees physical improvements, renovations and new facility development.

2.   Develops policies and procedures for supplying the City with wastewater treatment in accordance with NPDES or other local, state, or federal health standards, codes, and regulations. Plans department activities to provide for the proper use of available resources and the effective operation and maintenance of the Pollution Control Facility.

3.   Supervises a staff involved in the production of potable water, which includes the treatment and storage of water, maintenance of proper water levels in holding facilities, and correct chemical content to produce clean, safe water.  Develops and manages well head protection programs and other safety practices and procedure to secure the City’s water supply.

4.   Oversees the operation of the Water Production Facility, inspecting and maintaining water production areas including wells, water tower, and laboratory.

5.   Maintains records regarding fresh water production and wastewater treatment and prepares a variety of reports for submission to the City Administration and various state and federal agencies.

6.   Continually evaluates department operations, policies, and procedures, suggesting and implementing changes which will improve the operation of both the Pollution Control Facility and Water Production Facility. Formulates short and long range proposals for meeting water production and wastewater treatment needs.

7.   Develops the proposed annual budget for the Pollution Control Facility and a portion of the Water Treatment budget based on past, present, and future needs. Monitors and approves budget expenditures throughout the fiscal year to ensure compliance to the approved budget. Assures effective and efficient use of budgeted funds, personnel, materials, equipment, facilities and time. Plans, compares, reviews and/or prepares specifications for new or replaced equipment and products, and associated costs.

8.   Recruits, interviews, trains, motivates, counsels, evaluates and disciplines department employees. Reviews progress and directs changes as needed. Studies and standardizes procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Develops department policy and procedures.

9.   Plans, schedules, and assigns staff work activities; maintains and approves time records.

10. Oversees the maintenance of equipment, ensuring that repairs and routine maintenance is performed in a timely manner to eliminate unnecessary down time.

11. Assists in the preparation of engineering plans and specifications; participates in the selection of contractors and vendors. Plans and organizes the completion of projects, conferring with crew leaders, operators, vendors, contractors, and the general public.

12. Responds to public or other inquiries relative to department policies and procedures. Resolves citizen complaints related to the department or refers them to proper department or official.

13. Maintains regular contact with consulting engineers, construction project engineers, City, County, State and Federal agencies, professional and technical groups and the general public regarding activities and services.

14. Serves on various committees and project teams as appointed by the City Manager to establish policies and procedures, participate in collective bargaining negotiations, address safety requirements, etc. May serve as staff liaison of various commissions.

15. Performs related work as required.


The requirements listed below are representative of the minimum qualifications, knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully perform the essential functions of the position. 

Education:  Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, engineering, or related field.

Knowledge/Experience:  Five or more years of responsible management/administrative level experience in water and/or wastewater systems, including supervisory experience. Thorough knowledge of the equipment, facilities, materials, methods and procedures used in water production and wastewater treatment systems. Considerable knowledge of wastewater treatment plant operation and maintenance. Ability to interpret specific chemical and biological analyses.  Working knowledge and understanding of local, state and federal requirements affecting water production and wastewater treatment systems. Ability to guide, direct and motivate employees. Ability to organize and supervise the activities of various crews performing construction and maintenance work. Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, peers, other departments and the public.  Experience with, and knowledge of, a variety of equipment and tools typically used in this job.  Able to use and familiar with various analytical instruments and equipment used in a laboratory.

Special Requirements:

  • Valid Michigan Vehicle Operator’s License.
  • State of Michigan Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator’s License at a minimum of a B level is required.  A license at the A level is preferred.
  • State of Michigan water treatment license at a minimum of a D-2 is required.  A license at the F-1 level is preferred.
  • State of Michigan water distribution license at a minimum of an S-3 is required.  A license at the S-2 level is preferred.


The physical demands and work environment described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of the job. 

An employee in this position spends a significant amount of their time working in an office setting with a controlled climate where they sit and work on a computer; talk on the phone or in person for extended periods of time and move around the office to complete administrative duties.

As well, this position is required to spend a substantial amount of time in the field, at the plant, in the laboratory, and at well field sites.  This may include work sites that require the employee to traverse uneven ground, climb up or crawl down to access confined spaces and equipment, and may involve fumes, dust, chemicals or other hazardous materials, machinery, equipment and other dangers. 

An employee in this position must have the strength, stamina and physical coordination needed to gain access to the work sites described above, and must have the vision capabilities and manual dexterity necessary to inspect equipment and machinery and complete administrative duties.  The employee may be required to perform job duties in varying types of weather conditions, including outdoor weather conditions, including extreme heat and severe cold weather.