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Coronavirus Disease

City Hall is open to the public, we still recommend you conduct your business over the phone, website or through email if you are able to do so.

SPD Safe Watch

The City of Saline Police Department is committed to the safety of all residents. For those who may have a condition or disability that would cause them to wander from their safe environment, the SPD has initiated a Safe Watch Program.

Seeking Public Comment

The Washtenaw County Apportionment Commision is asking for input as it works to adopt an Apportionment Plan that will be in effect through 2032.

We're Hiring!

Looking for a job? If you enjoy working for a fast paced, exciting, rewarding environment, come join us!

Saline 411

Make sure you are getting the most up to date information from the City by signing up for our Saline 411 text updates!

Cemetery Search

Did you know our Cemetery records are now available online? You can search through our archive of information relating to Oakwood Cemetery and the locations of the deceased and grave sites.

Visit Saline

See our calendar of events and check out our favorite attractions. If you're looking for unique dining and shopping or cultural and recreational activities, Saline offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Water Quality Observation

Brown or rust colored water may occur in a home for many reasons. If you are experiencing poor water quality, please fill out this form so we are able to understand scope of the problems.

Non-City Services


WRRMA’s Recycling Quality Improvement Program


This summer, the City of Saline is taking part in the Recycling Quality Improvement Program as a community member of WRRMA, the Washtenaw Regional Resource Management Authority.

 WRRMA Recycling Quality Improvement

This program aims to reduce recycling contamination, or items that can’t be recycled, in WRRMA communities. In your recycling, contaminants can have unintended consequences and cause many issues, such as how plastic bags tangle up the recycling processing machinery. Cleaner recycling helps ensure the materials you work hard to recycle are ultimately able to be recycled. The Recycling Quality Improvement Program will provide personalized recycling feedback and help you make accurate and informed recycling choices.


For more information on this program, please visit the recycling page on our website.


City Response COVID 

City Hall is open to the public, if you are able to conduct your business over the phone, website or through email, please do. Review the information below and the City COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan. 

City Services:

  • City Hall is open to the public, please if you are able to conduct your business over the phone, website or through email, please do. The general call-in number for the City of Saline is 734-429-4907.  The City’s website address is  Residents continue to be encouraged to use the City drop boxes located in the City Hall parking lot and municipal parking lot #2 located downtown.  Note:  All City team members will continue to be required to complete a self-screening survey and have their temperature taken prior to beginning their workday.
  • The Saline Police Department will allow the public to schedule appointments beginning Nov. 18. 
  • The Saline Department of Public Works (DPW) and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)/ Water Treatment Plant (WTP) will continue their current schedule, with modifications tentatively scheduled to ensure winter maintenance can be handled. 
  • The Saline Rec Center will continue to operate in adherence to MDHHS orders. Please check for the most up to date information.
  • Board and commission meetings may be hosted both in-person or virtually through May 31st. Please check the City website homepage and calendar to see meeting links and most up-to-date information.

  • City Council meetings will be hosted both in-person and virtually through May 31st and in-person only, subject to MDHHS guidelines, after June 1st. Please check the City of Saline website homepage and calendar to see meeting links and to confirm dates & times of City Council meetings or call City Hall at 734-429-4907.

  • For trash, recycling and yard waste questions, please call the DPW at 734-429-5624.
  • Please check the contact information on our website for the various City departments.

Here is how you can reach us:

Facebook:  City of Saline Government
Twitter:  @cityofsaline

Nixle:  Sign-up at 


One of America's Best Places to Live, Work, and Play

Ask anyone who lives, works, or owns a business in Saline and they're almost sure to tell you some variation of this thought: "We're a friendly, family-oriented town."

In Saline you'll find upscale shops, restaurants, and services – in and around our quaint, intimate downtown and surrounding our clean, safe neighborhoods – while enjoying natural beauty and room to roam on the city's rural edges.