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Prime Location Options for Your Saline Business

You have three main choices for locating your Saline business:

Check the map for where you’ll find these locations, and follow the links to learn the special strengths for doing business in each of these available areas of our town. The Saline Business Recruitment Team will help you match the right Saline location to your Saline business.

business locations

Downtown Saline

Downtown Saline is our wider community’s focal point for entertainment, shopping, dining, services, and tourism. This very stroll-able area draws people with beautiful historical buildings, festive events, unique stores and restaurants, a quaint and friendly vibe, and ample free parking.

Downtown Saline may be just the right site for your one-of-a-kind business. For example, the Salt Springs Brewery was an instant hit when it opened here in 2016 – and it continues to delight a growing customer base. Other retail, restaurant, and professional services businesses are thriving in Downtown Saline too. It can’t hurt that our downtown is attractive, clean, safe, and impeccably maintained. Much credit for this goes to Saline Main Street, our community organization dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the vitality of Downtown Saline.

Of course, with success comes demand – so there aren’t many open spots for new businesses in Downtown Saline right now. If you find a location that fits, you may want to jump on it quickly, because other ambitious business owners will likely be eagerly eying that location too.

Saline’s Industrial Parks

Saline’s industrial parks provide quality building sites, with generous incentives, in easily accessible areas. When you need prime land for industrial development, Saline is high on supply and low on price. We have four zoned and platted industrial parks totaling more than 383 acres.

Lots in our industrial parks can be split or combined to help make your business startup, expansion, or relocation cost-effective. Once you locate here, the Saline Business Recruitment Team continues to work with you to help keep your business growing and prosperous.

Financial incentives are determined individually. They range from direct financial cost reductions (cost offsets) to assistance on infrastructure, from industrial revenue bonds to 12-year tax abatements, and from economic development block grants to job training incentives.

See a representative sample of companies currently located in Saline's industrial parks.

Visit for information on currently listed properties in Saline’s industrial parks.

Saline’s Main Thoroughfares

Saline is bisected by Michigan Avenue (US-12) – one of our state’s most famous roads. Its end points are Detroit and Chicago, and its hundreds of towns in between. US-12 is also one of our busiest roads. Each day, it carries up to 30,000 vehicles or more through the heart of Saline. This creates tremendous visibility for the businesses on both sides of US-12 along the way.

You shouldn’t be surprised, then, that Michigan Avenue is home to the kinds of businesses that benefit most from this high-traffic, high-visibility presence. Here’s where you’ll find most of Saline’s fast-food and fast-casual restaurants, major markets, building supply and remodeling companies, strip malls, automobile dealerships and repair shops, office complexes, and more.

Ann Arbor-Saline Road, just north of Downtown Saline, and Ann Arbor-Milan Road, just south, offer less-trafficked locations, though still with good visibility – especially for service businesses.