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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee


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The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee was originally created as a task force in September 2020 and changed to a permanent City of Saline Committee September 2021.


Vision We envision the Saline community to be one that is welcoming, safe, and inclusive. Our city values diversity and denounces systemic racism and bigotry, and actively works toward equity and belonging for all.

To create a culture of inclusion and participation that benefits citizens, businesses, and visitors. Working together, the City will develop and promote initiatives and activities, enact policies, learn and lead on building stronger community relationships, improving business opportunities, general education, and ensuring quality governmental services for all citizens.

Purpose In collaboration with citizens and businesses, the City will:

  • Host cultural celebratory events

  • Embrace, educate on, and celebrate diversity

  • Create a culture of inclusion and participation that will help to both retain and attract citizens and business to our area

  • Develop understanding, tools, and resources for current citizens and businesses

  • Collaborate with SAS, Saline Main Street Association, Chamber of Commerce, Saline Public Library, Saline Senior Center, Saline Area Social Services, Saline Police Department, and other local groups and organizations.

 Goal - To ensure that the City of Saline is safe for all residents, businesses, visitors, and potential residents and businesses by fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity.


Committee Members

- Anne Cummings
- Daisie Schamen
- Grace Wu
- Suslie Iyer
- Jesus Cardoso
- Kandace Jones
- Kerstin Woodside, Committee Chair
- John Lathrop
- Nath Akella
- Mark Kirkland
- Sarah Massey, Staff Liaison/Recording Secretery
- Brian Marl, Mayor
- Kevin Camero-Sulak, Council Rep