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Snow Removal Regulations

The City of Saline has ordinances that seek to ensure that snow, as well as ice, is removed from sidewalks in order to reduce the likelihood of injuries to pedestrians.

Since winter brings snow and ice to Saline, an ordinance requires people in charge or control of any building(s) or lot(s) which fronts a paved sidewalk to remove any ice or snow from the sidewalk to form an open path of at least 42” in width.

In all zoning districts, snow or ice must be removed within twenty-four hours (24) hours after the snow or accumulations ends. Subsequent drifting of snow on sidewalks must also be removed.

The ordinance also provides that if the snow or ice cannot be removed without the possibility of causing damage to the sidewalk, sand or other abrasives must be used until the weather permits removal without the likelihood of damage to sidewalk.

People who fail to comply with the ordinance will be issued a Civil Infraction Violation. Civil Infraction Violation fines are $25 for the first offense, $50 for a second repeat offense within one year, and $100 for a third and each subsequent repeat offense within one year. In addition, the City may clear sidewalks, and the property owner will be charged for the work performed. The minimum fee for the City to remove the snow is $75 per visit and $30 per visit to treat ice. Costs to clear your sidewalk are in addition to the civil infraction violation fine. 

Vacations, business trips, and other obligations that require you to be away from your home do not exempt you from sidewalk snow removal. To avoid civil fines and removal costs, property owners should make arrangements to have their sidewalks cleared when away from the home for more than a day.

Senior Citizens: If you need assistance with snow removal and/or need a contractor to remove snow, contact the Saline Area Senior Center at 429-9274 for a list of possible volunteers or contractors who will remove sidewalk snow for a fee.

We encourage all property owners to maintain their sidewalks. Everyone’s cooperation is needed to abate the hazards caused when sidewalks are not cleared of snow and ice.

Driveway Snow
We would like to remind property owners and private snow removal contractors that State Law (Act 82 of 1978, vehicle code 257.677A) prohibits the plowing or shoveling or blowing of snow, ice or slush onto or across roadways or highways, as it can present a serious traffic hazard and fines and costs for court conviction could be up to $500. In addition, snow must not be piled in such a way as to obstruct motorists’ vision.

City snowplows plow the snow from the roadway to the side of the road. Our snowplows generally make at least two passes through each street. The first pass is typically during the storm or soon after the storm has passed. The second and/or subsequent passes is done to move the snow from the roadway or as close to the curb as possible to improve travel, provide for parking, and allow roadway runoff from snow melting and rain to reach the catch basins to prevent street flooding. The second and subsequent passes are typically completed several hours after the first pass of snowplows. This means that your drive approach will have at least two occasions where City plows will leave snow from the roadway in your drive approach. Immediately after the City snowplows deposit the snow in your drive approach is the best time and easiest time to remove it. Do not plow, shovel, or blow the snow back into the street.

As you clear your driveway and approach, pile the snow on the grassed area of your yard. This will keep snow from obstructing the roadway, and will also minimize the amount of snow pushed back into your driveway by snowplows. Residents should also make certain that their trash and recycling containers are placed off the edge of the road but close enough for the garbage collector to pick up the containers from the street without having to walk or climb through snow banks.

If you should have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM at 429-5624.