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Move Your Business to Saline

Congratulations! You have a profitable and sustainable business. And your team is reaping the rewards.

Yet success can bring its own set of challenges. Are you outgrowing your current location? Could your business be even more successful in a different or better environment?

Explore moving your business to Saline. Here you’ll find:

Learn here the geographic and demographic advantages of doing business in Saline.

Know too how the Saline Business Recruitment Team will work with you at every stage of the moving process – from evaluating Saline as a good fit for your business, to finding the right location, overcoming potential obstacles, and smoothing the path for your move.

Major companies that have successfully relocated to Saline include JAC Products, Liebherr Gear Technology, and Quantum Signal. All attest to the business-building impact of their moves. Here’s Alex Vlielander, president of Liebherr Gear Technology, on why they selected Saline:

“When Liebherr evaluates places to set up long-term facilities, we consider multiple parameters: skilled, productive, and available employees; opportunities for physical expansion; a pro-business local government; and an infrastructure conducive for a good quality of life. When Liebherr decided to move here in the 1980s, Saline met all these strategic points.”