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Brecon Park

brecon park play equipment397 Nichols Drive    

Brecon Park is a six-acre neighborhood park, situated in the southwestern portion of the Rolling Meadows neighborhood, within walking distance of approximately 400 households. It is bordered by and accessible from North Harris Street, Nichols Drive and Watson Drive, with 49 parking spaces available between two lots, one located on North Harris and the other along Nichols Drive. Sidewalks and paths also connect the park to nearby homes and apartments. In 2013 the non-motorized pathway was constructed that connects Brecon Park to the Saline District Library.

Brecon Park features several facilities, supporting a wide range of activities. Amenities include: a basketball court, a baseball field, paved trails, benches (some shaded by trees), an open field, and playground equipment including all the basics like slides, swings, a jungle gym and more.

A 2008 community survey shows that residents use the park for many activities, the most popular being: as a playground, for walking or walking the dog, playing basketball and playing baseball.