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Henne Field


Henne Field is a Saline Area School District Property located in Downtown Saline. 

Henne Field under construction

Henne Field was dedicated to the Saline Area Schools by Mrs. Ella Henne in the memory of her son, Edward F. Henne in April 1948. In the early fall of 2008, visitors to the Henne Field area witnessed a new beginning for our beloved park in the heart of Saline. Renovation started with moving earth, building some underground water detention areas, and sculpting the basics of a new and more beautiful facility. Henne Field upgrades have been divided into multiple phases, to be accomplished as funds become available:

The first phase consisted primarily of creating a new off-street parking lot on Bennett Street, creating a paved parking area at the end of Owen Place, installing underground detention areas, and re-sculpting the site to obtain proper drainage and playing surfaces.

Phase two consisted of installing a paved multi-use path around Henne Field, installing sidewalks and curbs, constructing two baseball fields and creating a paved path from North Ann Arbor Street. Later phases are expected to provide a performance shelter, playground, lighting for the path, landscaping and other amenities. Donations to continue this effort may be made to "The Friends of Henne Field" at