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Risdon Park

241 S. Ann Arbor St.

Risdon Park, named for the founder of Saline, Orange Risdon, Risdon Parkis one of Saline’s two “mini-parks,” an open 0.2 acre lot bordered by South Ann Arbor Street* to the West, Pleasant Ridge Drive to the South, and houses to the North and the East. Risdon Park is accessible only from the sidewalks that border it. Predominantly a small, open field, Risdon Park sees many uses. Residents living near to the park use it for a variety of activities. Picnics, relaxing on the benches, playing catch and even the occasional croquet match are common. In 2013 the park received a beautification make over by high school student Simon Rucinski. Ornamental grasses, 50 boxwoods, and lilac bushes were planted around the north and east border of the park to identify park boundaries.