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Wilderness Park

300 Willis Road

The 22-acre plot which is now Wilderness Park was purchased by the City of Saline in 1973. The park, including the beautiful trail system, was developed by Max Adler, Patricia Forester and John Corrigan.  The park is located along South Ann Arbor Street and Willis Road, with a dirt parking lot at the corner of these roads. It is also accessible from the surrounding neighborhoods via sidewalks.Wilderness Park

Wilderness Park has many amenities, including a grassy lawn with picnic benches, a well-maintained and shaded trail system, a charming pond and sitting area along the southwest end of the trail, and unique features, such as a tree from every state, owing to its popularity as a Boy Scout and other community service destination.

Wilderness Park is a great location for a quick hike or jog along its nature trails. The park is also well suited to bird watching, picnicking, contemplating nature, or walking the dog. Over the years, Wilderness Park has seen many uses, even serving as a Boy Scout camping destination.

Wilderness Park Walking Map