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Quantum Signal

A Location Friendly to Both Family and Business

Quantum Signal, an advanced engineering research and development company, was founded as a technology spin-off from the University of Michigan, and grew in Ann Arbor for roughly its first decade in business. In 2010, Quantum Signal relocated to Saline for several key reasons.

First was the availability of a building – Saline’s old Union School – thoroughly fitting to the company’s needs and culture, and ideally located just a block from the center of Saline’s quaint downtown. This is an area active with restaurants, shops, services, parks, and other desirable amenities. The area’s walkability – along with our town’s general safety and security – was a deciding factor in Quantum Signal’s selection of Saline for their new headquarters.

Saline also provides the company’s employees and their families with reasonably affordable housing options, very high-quality schools, and a family-friendly atmosphere overall. “This,” says Mitchell Rohde, Ph.D., Quantum Signal’s co-founder and CEO, “has enabled us to continue recruiting and retaining exactly the kinds of top technical talent we need to succeed.”

Just as importantly, the company has received high levels of encouragement, cooperation, and support for growth and job creation from Saline’s business liaisons in local government. “It’s a business-friendly climate you don’t necessarily find from all localities,” said Rohde.

The Quantum Signal team, now nearing a decade in their Saline home, has been extremely happy working and playing here. Per Rohde: “We couldn’t have chosen a better location.”